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Diana Alayon



Hello! I'm Diana

My core studies come from the field of Industrial Design and more accurately from Product Design. It did not matter to me changing my tools from a 3D modeling software and rendering to a photo editing vector software. What matters is that I always carry in mind that design must have the user placed in the center of the process with the purpose of solving a specific problem. Conducting usability testing, creating wireframes and product prototypes are in my tool box.

I see myself as a UX Facilitator. During the past 10 years I had worn many hats: Design Consultant, Regional Manager, Enterprise Software Sales Consultant. I am frightened of spiders as much as I am thrilled about tackling usability problems. The love for coffee, soccer and dance is in my DNA. You’ll find me ready to get my hands dirty and happy to start something new and exciting.

Let’s work together, vamos!







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