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Diana Alayon


I am curious. And that is a good thing. Curiosity allows us to question existing solutions, uncover new opportunities.


Hello! I'm Diana

Diana Alayon is a UX Generalist. During the past 10 years she had worn many hats: from 1) Design Consultant to 2) Regional Manager to 3) Enterprise Software Sales Consultant. She was frightened of spiders, loved playing soccer and watched Saint Seiya after classes, listened to rock music while everything around was tropical and, read Gabriel García Marquez books.

Always curious about little things, she knows how small details can make huge differences. As a UX designer, she is most fascinated by the discovery phases of any project: what are we making? for whom? And, why are we making it?

She is thrilled about tackling usability problems as much as she hates spiders – and that is a lot.

As a team player, she is confident when collaborating with interdisciplinary teams to successfully complete a product design process. Conducting usability testing, creating wireframes and product prototypes are in her tool box. But, do you want to know what is in her tricks box? Active Listening. Diana conveys product ideas, explains thinking behind designs, and work with other teams to improve products.







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